Buying a motorhome: avoid scams

The success of purchasing a used motorhome requires some precautionary measures that should not offend the sensibilities and pride of an honest seller.

Never cash settlement

For transactions between individuals, the cash payment is permitted if the amount does not exceed 3000 euros. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine of up to 15 000 euros.
Remember above all, in case of future problems, it will be increasingly difficult to claim against the seller if there is no record of payment.
Demand identification

If he is honest, your seller will not feel offended if you ask him to present identification. You will be able to verify that this is the same name on the registration. If this is not the case and that it explains that the vehicle is that of a distant cousin or friend, go on your way.
Check the camper history

At least to know the seller and his vehicle, which you will inevitably already talked a lot if you have expressed your interest in the camper, ask to see the maintenance book (revisions must be regular in time or kilometers) and any repairs bills. If the seller is not able to present them, it is better to drop! Learn more: car rental Bulgaria

The final transaction must be the home seller

Even if the camper is stored in a shed in the countryside, it is better quietly finalize the purchase of the home seller. This will allow you to verify that the seller’s address is the same as that mentioned on the registration card.
No try, no buy!

If the vendor refuses to let you test drive by arguing that his insurance is prohibited from handing over to a “stranger”, go on your way.
Telephone numbers beginning with 0899 or 089. Never call!

Common on mobile phones, this scam invites you via SMS, and for various reasons (an “old” friend who is trying to reach you) to remember a number that begins with either 0899 or by 0897. Please note that these numbers are also used for ads.

First, there will be nobody on the phone to answer, which is already annoying. But what’s even more is that this single call will be charged more than one euro. These numbers are indeed premium rate numbers that easily enrich the wise guys who created them.

Buy an RV: asking the right questions to the seller Part 2

What additional equipment mounted on the motorhome?

The satellite dish to the bike rack, the ladder to climb on the roof to fold awning mounted laterally, there are countless facilities that can accommodate a motor home throughout his life. Ask the owner which ones were mounted on the vehicle and make sure they do not serve as a pretext to artificially inflate the price.

Will you have a little time to “visit” the camper?

Consider a motorhome that’s considered together with a commercial vehicle and a trailer. Ask for at least an hour that the seller must give you. If he starts to balk by saying that his time is short, better go on your way.
All checkpoints

  • Motor Oil
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Wear and belt tension
  • Fan Operation (engine idling, it must get under way after a few minutes)
  • State and tire pressure
  • State of wiper blades (they must be changed every year)
  • Wear of brake pads
  • Operation headlights
  • Operation flashing
  • Operation of brake lights
  • How the hazard lights (warning)

The living cell

  • Functioning of all locks (door, tailgate, door gas cylinders, door cassette WC compartment, plug the water tank …)
  • Cleanliness (cushions, curtains and toilets …)
  • Smells (flee the camper that smells musty!)
  • Traces of water infiltration (poor seal of the living cell)
  • How the closet doors and drawers (must lock properly)
  • Opening and closing of windows and skylights. Both operations must be performed without force)
  • Removing and easy installation of the toilet cassette
  • How the hot water taps and cold water
  • Checking the proper flow of sewage.
  • How the fridge
  • How the fires of the stove
  • Operation of the heater (check even in summer!)

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